Arnhem AEB413

18 October 2014, Meijendel, Wassenaar, the Netherlands

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20 Oct 2019

Sound track advice: Stormy weather - Billie Holiday 

I’ve always considered myself a birder with a camera, rather than a bird photographer. What I do is functional, not aesthetic. I’m not particularly gifted in this department, nor am I interested in learning all about camera settings.

But once in a while even an amateur like me makes a decent picture: for the first time one of my shots made it to t...

2 Nov 2017

Every time I get to see one of those blackish, passerine sized seabirds during gale force winds, my heart misses a beat or two. I just can't grasp how such a small bird conquers the elements with such ease.

But for a Dutch guy it's rather unusual to have a truly decent look at a Leach's Storm Petrel. Basically we only see them in the unfavourable conditions of a heavy autumn storm, w...

2 Nov 2017

There are probably not too many primary moult scores for Great Skuas from Holland. But I've got one now!

Since we usually only see them on migration, at a fair distance, and immatures are in the majority, it was quite a privilege to study an adult at close range (upper pic: Sharon Lexmond/ De Wulp).

This bird was taken into care at bird hospital De Wulp in September. Just note how bleached and worn...

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