Arnhem AEB413

18 October 2014, Meijendel, Wassenaar, the Netherlands

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14 Aug 2019

When the ladies from bird hospital De Wulp sent me the shots of the Grey-cheeked Thrush taken into care last year, it really knocked me off my feet for a few seconds. But when Rinse and I received this video mid-July we were equally shocked: 

(video by Sharon Lexmond / vogelopvang De Wulp)

Black Woodpeckers colonised the country around 1915 and reached the western part of the Netherlands half...

10 Nov 2018

There's a big if  - but another big redpoll invasion could be in the making.

The if depends on stuff like weather conditions, and the exact turn the majority of the wandering birds in Europe will take. But it's obvious that at the moment, a higher number of birds than usual is passing through. And they are early! 

The thought alone is thrilling - two large invasions in a row would be unprecedented ...

27 Jul 2017

On 21 June Gijsbert Twigt and I trapped a Spotted Redshank in Meijendel, Wassenaar - the first one ever to be ringed at the site, where ringing started back in 1927.  

 This bird is obviously in sum plum and given the time of year, it's never gonna be a juvenile of course.

 Note the fairly fresh primaries. 2nd calendar year (cy) birds have very worn primaries, so this bird must be older.

It has of...

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