Figure 1-2. Hybrid Red-backed (Lanius collurio) Shrike x Red-tailed/Daurian Shrike (L. phoenicuroides/ isabellinus), male, Tsavo West, Kenya, 9 December 2012. Tail pattern largely as Red-backed (note growing blackish central tail feather), but with the white turned into rufous. Grey nek and cap as male Red-backed. Cold brown back perhaps more like Turkestan, but orange wash on flanks again resemble one of the isabelline shrikes (underparts with pinkish wash in Red-backed).

In the fond memory of David Pearson. It was during work for his project that I found this bird.

This page was added for the sole reason to give this interesting bird a more useful spot than the hard drive it was stored for nearly seven years.

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Arnhem AEB413

18 October 2014, Meijendel, Wassenaar, the Netherlands

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