in fine feather 

~ Fig. well dressed; of an excellent appearance. 

This page doesn't need too many words. Birds have have incredible colours and fascinating cryptic patterns. I have the wonderful opportunity to handle birds for ringing purposes. After many years it still strikes me how beautiful certain details are. I make 'functional' pictures that shows a bird's age or sex, but I also started photographing those details that, in my eyes, are simply stunning. This page has no other ambition than to share these. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do

The tubenose of a 2nd cy Northern Fulmar, 2016

Facial pattern and beak of an adult Northern Gannet, 2019

Breast feathers of a 1st cy male Sparrowhawk, 2016

Breast feathers of a 2st cy male Common Quail, 2017

Back of an adult male Baillon's Crake, 2019 (credits to Vrs Van Lennep, Bloemendaal for showing me this bird)

Flank feathers of an adult Spotted Crake, 2017 

Flank feathers of a 1st cy Corncrake, 2019 

Tail pattern of a 1st cy  Green Sandpiper, 2019

Back of a 1st cy Woodcock, 2015

Facial pattern of  an adult Herring Gull, 2015

Tail pattern of  a 1st cy Wryneck, 2018

Moulting crown feathers and iris of  a 1st cy Black Woodpecker, 2019

Back feathers of a 1st cy Kingfisher #1, 2015

Back feathers of a 1st cy Kingfisher #2, 2015

Back feathers of a 1st cy male Whinchat, 2018

Upperparts of a Jack Snipe, 2019

Male Mandarin Duck, 2020