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Double trouble: redpolls!

With the current redpoll invasion in Europe, it was time to spend some words and pics on these wonderful birds.

Redpolls all the way from China

Even though it's already been 12 years since we trapped a Mealy Redpoll with a Chinese ring in Meijendel, I stil cherish that moment! Triggered by a recent control of a Chinese ring in Denmark, I made an overview of all European - Chinese recoveries of Mealy Redpolls

Arctic - Mealy Redpoll ID note I wrote a longer note about undertail coverts of Mealy Redpolls. Quite a few males show coverts that no Arctic would be ashamed of! Some are even immaculately white...

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Sonagram 1. Drie roepjes van Bruine Boszanger. De typische v-structuur is hier goed te zien, en soms (linker roepje) is er een kleinere v zichtbaar binnenin de grote v. De roep is duidelijke hellend naar links. Opnamen: Thijs Fijen.

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