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De Zilvermeeuw

By Kees Camphuysen

Atlas Contact

Published in Limosa 91.2


Birds of Thailand

By Treesucon & Limparungpatthanakij

Lynx Edicions

Published on


The Birds of Spurn

By Andy Roadhouse

Spurn Bird Observatory

Also be published on

Eden XP 10x42

English review here 

Dutch review published on


Spurn Wildlife 2016

By Rael Butcher & Tim Jones (eds)

Spurn Bird Observatory

Birds of New Guinea

By Phil Gregory

Lynx Edicions

Published on

Published in Australian Birdlife


Field guide to the birds of Suriname

By Arie Spaans, Otte Ottema and Jan Hein Ribot


Published on

Review in Dutch

Birds of the Indonesian Archipelago

By James Eaton, Bas van Balen, Nick Brickle and Frank Rheindt

Lynx Edicions

Published on


Wildfowl of Europe, Asia and North America

By Sébastien Reeber

Christopher Helm

Published on

Undiscovered owls

By Magnus Robb and the Sound Approach

Published on

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