The Asian connection

One look at the numbers of, say, Richard's Pipit or Pallas's Leaf Warbler that reach Europe is enough to understand that Asian passerines reach the continent on a regular basis. It made me curious. I therefore started the Asian connection project. I will analyse records of passerines ringed in Europe and recovered in Asia (and sometimes vice versa). I aim to summarize the results in a magazine article, but why not keep you posted on preliminary results? I'm grateful to all bird ringers for their valuable work, all individual ringing schemes that sent me data and EURING for their help. 


Rose-coloured Starlings, nomads from the east (2018) There are three Asian recoveries of Rose-coloured Starlings ringed in Europe.

Chinese Mealy Redpolls (2018) Recoveries from China caused  a shock amongst birders, but how rare is this, really? All known records of exchange between Europe and China analysed. 


Wandering Waxwings (2019) About adventurous birds from Bohemia and the Far East: Waxwings can cover great distances.  


Russian Redpolls (2019) Recoveries from Asiatic Russia and Central Asia are not rare - and sometimes they cover these distances pretty fast.